WWFF – World Wide Flora & Fauna HAM Radio Program

27/11/2022 Off By radioarenadmin

The mission of the WWFF programme is to raise awareness about the need of conserving both flora and wildlife. In this spirit, amateur radio operators establish and run their radio stations from designated natural parks, nature reserves, and other protected sites. This draws attention to these areas while also providing the HAM radio community with an intriguing activity to get in contact with. WWFF is a worldwide initiative that is not for profit and is managed by the WWFF team in collaboration with the national coordinators of a large number of national Flora and Fauna award programmes.

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The awards may be downloaded in PDF format and do not cost anything to access. Every award is determined on the QSO details included within the WWFF LogSearch database. Both the activators and the hunters are eligible to receive rewards. WWFF as well as the various national clubs that are affiliated with WWFF provide a wide variety of prizes that are both intriguing and attractive. The World Wide Flora & Fauna HAM Radio Program is represented by the following services on the WWFF website: Award Directory, LogSearch, Award Rules, DX Cluster, Maps, Forums, News, and a list with website connections of national clubs affiliated with the programme.

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