WCA – World Castles Award Program

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The program’s objective is to bring together radio amateurs from various nations for the activation and popularisation of historical structures such as castles and fortresses around the world, as well as for learning about and maintaining the historical heritage of our nations, which includes monuments and buildings related to fortification.

Eilean Donan Castle (Scotland)

For QSOs and SWLs with radiostations operating from global castles, fortresses, and other such locations across the world, the World Castles Award programme offers 11 diplomas, 1 award plate, and a series of E-Awards.

Currently, the World Castles Award Programme collaborates and maintains cordial relationships with renowned national award programmes for castles and fortresses, including:

  • Belgian Castles Award (BCA), Belgium
  • Belgian Castles and Fortresses Award (BCFA), Belgium
  • Belgian Military Fortfication 14-18 Award (BFORTA), Belgium
  • Bulgarian Historical Sites Award (BHS), Bulgaria
  • Castles and Fortresses of Bosnia and Hercegovina Award (CFBHA), Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • Castles and Palaces of Belarus Award (CPBA), Belarus
  • Castles and Stately Homes On The Air (CASHOTA), England
  • Castles and Stately Homes On The Air – Ireland (CASHOTA-EI), Ireland
  • Castles and Stately Homes On The Air – Northern Ireland (CASHOTA-NI), Northern Ireland
  • Castles in Serbia Award (CSA), Serbia
  • Castles On The Air – Austria (COTA-OE), Austria
  • Castles On The Air – Croatia (COTA-9A), Croatia
  • Castles On The Air – The Netherlands (COTA-PA), The Netherlands
  • Castles On The Air – Russia (COTA-RU), Russia
  • Castles On The Air – Kazakhstan (COTA-UN), Kazakhstan
  • Castles On The Air – Latvia (COTA-YL), Latvia
  • Czech Castles Award (CCA), Czech Republic
  • Diploma Castillos de Catalunya (DCC), Spain
  • Diploma Castillos de Espana (DCE), Spain
  • Diploma Castillos de Espana 1.0 (DCE 1.0), Spain
  • Diploma dei Castelli d’Italia (DCI), Italy
  • Diploma dos Castelos e Fortalezas de Portugal (DCFP), Portugal
  • Diploma Monumentos Historicos Portugueses (DMHP), Portugal
  • Diplome des Chateaux de la Suisse-Romande (DCSR), Switzerland
  • Diplome des Forts et Chateaux de France (DFCF), France
  • German Castles On The Air (COTA-DL), Germany
  • Hellenic Castles Fortresses Award (HCFA), Greece
  • Hungarian Castle Series (HCS), Hungary
  • Imperios do Divino Espirito Santo (IDES), Azores islands, Portugal
  • Le Diplome des Chateaux Suisse (DCS-SSD), Switzerland
  • Macedonian World Castles Award (MWCA), Macedonia
  • Silesian Fortifications On The Air (SFOTA), Poland
  • Slovakia Castles Award (SCA), Slovakia
  • Slovenia World Castles Award (S5 WCA), Slovenia
  • Romanian Fortress On The Air (RFA), Romania
  • Romanian Historical Objectives (RHO), Romania
  • Twierdze i Forty w Polsce (TFP), Poland
  • Ukrainian Castles and Fortress Awards (UCFA), Ukraine
  • World Castles Serbia Award (YU WCA), Serbia
  • Worked All Sweden Fortress Award (WASFA), Sweden
  • Zamki w Polsce (ZWP), Poland

Lists of Historical artefacts for the World Castles Award programme include monuments and buildings related to fortification from Asia, Europe, and South America. The fortification diploma originally came into existence more than ten years ago. This subject is currently growing in popularity. We hear amateur radio stations operating from forts much more frequently on the air. The creation of degrees, organisations, and websites for radiohams-activators’ forts.

Hohenzollern Castle (Germany)

The official World Castles Award Program website was launched in April 2009. Their primary objectives are:

  • Information assistance and notice of upcoming excursions.
  • References on the topic of fortification and a list of radio amateur degrees.
  • Publication of expedition-related writings and picture reports.

The radio amateur groups, radioclubs, and radiohams of all nations are invited to collaborate and show interest in historical locations within the parameters of our sport. to gain knowledge of history and to obtain a positive, lasting image of fortress work on the air! Access the WCA website by clicking here.