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Unbeatable Data Mode Interface

Unicom Data Mode Interface

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Fully Isolated Computer Ground Circuit

The Unicom Interface features a fully isolated computer ground circuit, unlike other interfaces that require extra ground screws, extra wires and extra cables in an attempt to eliminate ground loops.

Supports All Available Data Modes

Presently available ham radio sound card software, the Unicom Interface, a radio and a computer is the easy and modern way to operate all available data mosed such as PSK31, PSK63, PSK125, FT4, FT8, MFSK16, MT63, THROB, Hellschriber, SSTV, WEFAX, RTTY, AMTOR, PACTOR, G-TOR, PACKET, APRS, CW, SSB Contest Voice Keying, FSK, FSK441, JT44, JTMS, ISCAT, JT6M, JT65, JT4, JT9, CW High Speed Meteor Scatter, NAVTEX, Olivia, Contestia, Domino and many many others.


Fully Supports EchoLink Communication

EchoLink® software allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using streaming audio technology.


Computer Aided Transceiver System

Controls transceiver frequency, mode and other functions by computer, supporting Icom, Ten-Tec, Kenwood, Yaesu, and other transceivers.


Programs Any Radio Available on the Market

Using our interface and custom-made cables makes it possible to program any radio available on the market as long as you have an appropriate software.


Supports All Data Modes Including Most Popular FT8

Fully supports WSJT - a popular computer program used for weak-signal QSOs between amateur radio operators.


True FSK Keying Output for Direct RTTY Keying of Your Radio

If your radio supports true FSK (RTTY) mode you can use MMTTY or other compatible software with the EXTFSK application.


3rd Generation of FTDI’s Popular USB UART/FIFO I.C.

The CAT control part of the interface is based on the FT2232D, the 3rd generation of FTDI’s popular USB UART/FIFO I.C. family.

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The Unicom Interface is a completely new way of getting into data modes with the minimum of outlay. In effect, it enables you to connect your receiver or transceiver directly to your PC and operate a selection of data modes.

Unicom Data Mode Interface

Supporting Software

A lot of radio programming, CAT control and data mode programs are available online. Most of these are «freeware» or «shareware» and in many cases provide a level of performance beyond your wildest dreams! The Unicom Interface works with all of them such as AALog, AATest, AAVoice, Accessible Digipan, AGWPE, Airlink Express, Analyzer 2000, ARC2, ARC3, BTL Blaster TeLetype, Chip64 (IZ8BLY), ChromaPIX, cocoaModem, Commander (DXLab), CONTACT-DX, CONTACT-MULTI, Contact PSK (EA1CUI), CQ Log, CT, CwGet, CW Skimmer, CwType, CYBORG, DarwinPSK, DigiPan, Digital Master (Ham Radio Deluxe), DIGTRX, DroidPSK, DX4WIN, DXBase, EchoLink, ERW4C, EssexPSK, Eurowinlog, FDMDV, Fldigi, FlexNet32, FNpsk (W1FN), FSQCall, FTBasicMMO, FTBCAT, FTBVR5K V2, gMFSK, GRITTY, Ham Radio Deluxe, HamComm, Hamport (AALog), HamScope, Hellschreiber (IZ8BLY), HF Pager, Jason (I2PHD), JS8Call, JT65-HF HB9HQX-Edition, JTDX, JVComm32, KC9L PSK, KWRTTY, LanLink, LinPsk, Logger32, LOGic, Lux-Log, MAP65, MF TeleType, MixW, MM-DSP, MMSSTV, MMTTY, MMVari, MRP40, MPSKWIQ, Mscan Meteo, MSHV, MultiMode, MultiPSK (F6CTE), N1MMLogger, N3FJP Loggers, NA, NBTV (Narrow Band Television), OH2GI-HAM System, Packet Engine Pro, PhaseShift, PSK31 (G3PLX), PSK31LX (DL9RDZ), PSK Express, QuikPSK (KH6TY), RadioCom (Bonito), RCKRtty, RoMac, ROS (EA5HVK), RTTY (WF1B), Scancat-Gold, SD, SeaTTY, Sigmira, SimJT, SMARTPSK, SuperControl, THROB (G3PPT), TR LOG, TrueTTY, TRX-Manager, TWPSK (WA0EIR), VARA (EA5HVK), W1SQLPSK, Wdecode, WinDRM, Win-EQF, Winlink Express, WinPSK (AE4JY), WinPSKse (KA1DT), WinWarbler, WOLF (KK7KA), WO-PSK, WriteLog, WSJT, WSJT-X, WSPR, WS Tools (G4KLX), YG-PSK, YPlog, Zakanaka and many other radio programming, CAT control and data mode programs.

Custom-Made Cables to Suit Any Available Radio on The Market

Unicom Data Mode Interface Radio Cable

All our radio cables made for the Unicom Interface are fully screened and of the top quality, professionally pre-wired and tested. Each cable connects directly between your radio and the interface. Each cable features a standard DB15M connector at one end and the appropriate plugs for the specific radio model on the other end. Unicom Interface works with any radio available on the market of all brands such as Alinco, Codan, Elecraft, FlexRadio, Icom, JRC, Kenwood, Recent, Ten-Tec, Vertex, Xiegu, Yaesu, etc. We can build and supply a top quality custom made radio cable for any available HF / VHF / UHF desktop, mobile or handheld transceiver, receiver, scanner or even a repeater. All you need is to tell us the model of your radio while ordering the interface!