Zetagi TM535 Trancematch 1.5–30 MHz, 500W


The Zetagi TM535 Trancematch is a versatile and compact meter tailored for radio enthusiasts and professionals alike. Engineered to operate across a broad frequency range from 1.5 to 30 MHz, this device boasts a power handling capability of up to 500 watts, ensuring reliable performance even under demanding conditions.


One of its standout features is its user-friendly design, allowing for effortless measurement of forwarding power, reflected power, and standing wave ratio (SWR) without the need for manual adjustments or settings. This streamlined operation enhances convenience and efficiency during use.

Moreover, the TM535 incorporates an advanced antenna matching system equipped with dual coaxial output impedance. This feature enables seamless integration with various antenna setups, optimizing signal transmission and reception across different operating environments.

Zetagi TM535 Trancematch 1.5–30 MHz, 500WCompact yet powerful, the Zetagi TM535 Trancematch embodies versatility, precision, and ease of use, making it an indispensable tool for radio enthusiasts and professionals seeking reliable performance and seamless operation in their communication endeavors.


Frequency Range1.5 – 30 MHz
Input Impedance50 Ω
Output Impedance10 – 500 Ω unbalanced or 100 – 3000 Ω balanced
Power Measurements50W / 500W
AntennasCan be connected to 2 antennas
MeterCross needle, Illuminated by 12 VDC
ConnectorsUHF-female (SO-239)


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Weight3 kg