Yellow Frog Dispatcher Solution (Per Year)


  • Nationwide PTT Service
  • PC Based Dispatcher Solution
  • Rich Selection of Features
  • Ready to Use out of Box


PC based Dispatcher solution with multi-session monitoring, multi-channel broadcast, and pre-emption talk override privilege, ability to send an alpha text message to other devices. Ability to one-click group locate users.

Yellow Frog is a nationwide PTT service from Moonraker powered by Push To Talk International and is aimed at the community, hobbyist and club based radio market, Yellow Frog offers users both community based shared channels, accessible right across the Yellow Frog community, as well as private dedicated channels and a rich selection of features that can enhance your radio experience and service capabilities for your own activities.

Yellow Frog packages include a device, SIM, application licence, one private channel and access to the Yellow Frog Community channels and the equipment is ready to use out of the box, all pre-configured to connect to the nationwide Yellow Frog service. An additional menu of feature enhancements is also available to subscribers who want more in-depth functionality, such as private address book, group and priority calls, status messaging, device location tracking, alarm and SOS and lone worker management, There is even a PC dispatching solution for connecting your PC or control room to your Yellow Frog device fleet.

Hop along to the friendly team at Moonraker to find out more about the Yellow Frog service, its capabilities and the community of users it serves.

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