Yaesu SSM-BT20 Bluetooth Headset


The Yaesu SSM-BT20 is an advanced Bluetooth headset designed to enhance communication with Yaesu’s latest transceivers.


The Yaesu SSM-BT20 Bluetooth Headset represents the latest advancement in wireless communication technology for YAESU transceivers. As the successor to the SSM-BT10, this model introduces Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, ensuring a robust and efficient connection. Designed specifically for models like the Yaesu FT3D, FTM-6000DE, FT5DE, and FTM-300DE, the SSM-BT20 is a versatile accessory for any amateur radio enthusiast.

One of the standout features of the SSM-BT20 is its superior audio quality, supporting a 16K audio sampling rate that significantly outperforms its predecessor’s 8K. This enhancement ensures much clearer audio reception and transmission, which is crucial during complex communications.

Additionally, the headset has been redesigned to improve the functionality and accessibility of the PTT (Push-To-Talk) button, which now functions as a multi-function button, providing users with increased control and ease of use. This combination of upgraded technology and user-centric design makes the SSM-BT20 a must-have for operators seeking reliable and high-quality communication in their Yaesu transceivers.

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