Yaesu MLS-310 – External Speaker with 10W Amplifier


Enhance your marine communication system with the Yaesu MLS-310 External Speaker featuring a powerful 10W amplifier. Waterproof and designed for marine VHFs, this speaker ensures loud and clear audio with easy volume control.


The Yaesu MLS-310 External Speaker with 10W Amplifier is a top-of-the-line, waterproof communication speaker specifically designed to enhance the performance of marine VHFs with up to 4 watts of power output.

By amplifying the audio output to a robust 10W, the MLS-310 delivers crystal-clear sound quality, ensuring that every communication is loud and distinct. Its convenient front volume control allows for easy adjustment of audio levels or complete muting as needed.

Included with the speaker is 6.5 feet of speaker wire for seamless connection to your marine VHF, along with an additional 6.5 feet of power cable for straightforward integration with a 12V DC power source. The package also comes equipped with a bracket and flush mounting hardware for easy and secure installation.

With the Yaesu MLS-310, you can elevate your marine communication experience with unparalleled audio clarity and reliability, making it an essential accessory for any maritime enthusiast or professional.


Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage13.8 VDC ±15%
Current Drain1.5A @13.8 VDC, VOL Knob Max
Audio Input Level700 m Vrms (Nominal) 1 Vrms (Maximum)
Input Impedance1.8k Ω (approx.)
Speaker Impedance
Audio Output8W @ 13.8 VDC
Operating Temperature-4 °F to +140 °F (-20°C to +60°C)
Connection Cable Length6.5 feet (2 m)


Additional information

Weight0.6 kg