Yaesu MH-48A6JA – DTMF Microphone


The Yaesu MH-48A6JA is a versatile DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) microphone that enhances the functionality of various Yaesu transceivers.

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The Yaesu MH-48A6JA DTMF Microphone is an advanced communication accessory designed to enhance your transceiver’s functionality. This microphone is similar to the MH-48A6J model, featuring an additional telephone-type alphabet printed above the numbers 2 through 9. This added lettering facilitates easier APRS®/Packet use, making it an excellent choice for amateur radio enthusiasts.

Compatibility: FTM-350, FT-8900, FT-8800, FT-7900, FT-2900, FT-1907, FT-1900.

Yaesu MH-48A6JA - DTMF Microphone

      Key Features and Specifications:

  • DTMF Keypad: Enables efficient dual-tone multi-frequency signaling for versatile communication needs.
  • 4 Programmable Buttons: Customizable buttons allow you to assign frequently used functions for quick access.
  • Lamp Switch: Provides illumination for easy use in low-light conditions.
  • Lock Switch: Prevents accidental changes to settings by locking the keypad.
  • Up/Down Buttons: Facilitates smooth navigation and adjustment of settings.

The Yaesu MH-48A6JA DTMF Microphone combines practicality with advanced features, making it an indispensable tool for your radio communication setup.

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