Yaesu MH-31B8 – Hand Microphone


Yaesu Hand Microphones are original equipment and upgraded hand mics for Yaesu mobile and base transceivers. Standard and DTMF keypad versions are available as replacements or to enhance your radio operation. Specialized features enable the full functionality or open additional capabilities on some radios.

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Yaesu MH-31B8 - Hand Microphone

Yaesu MH-31B8 Hand Microphone Wired 8 pin. 

Yaesu MH-31B8 handheld microphone for Yaesu FT-847, FT-840, FT-890, FT-950, FT-920, FTDX-1200, FT-2000, FTDX-3000, FTDX-5000, FTDX-5000D, FTDX-5000MP, FTDX-5000MPL, FTDX-9000, FTDX-9000D, FTDX-9000MP   amateur desktop radio.

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