Yaesu G-5500DC- Azimuth/Elevation Rotator


The Yaesu G-5500 provide azimuth and elevation control of medium and large-size unidirectional satellite antenna arrays under remote control from the station operating position.

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The rotators may be mounted together on a mast, or independently with the azimuth rotator inside a tower and the elevation rotator on the mast. If you’re just starting out in satellite operation, the G-5500DC provides a complete Azimuth (450º)-Elevation (180º) rotation system that’s ideal for almost all Amateur applications the dual controller lets you keep track of all aspects of the antenna system’s positioning.

Yaesu G-5500DC- Azimuth/Elevation Rotator

The G-5500 also includes an interface jack for computer control, supported by an External Control jack (DIN connector) provided on the rear of the controller for interfacing via D-to-A converters to an external microcomputer or other display/controller, like the optional GS-232A Computer Controlled as well as many aftermarket control programs and interfaces.

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