Yaesu CT-44 – Microphone Adapter


The Yaesu CT-44 Microphone Adapter is an essential accessory for radio enthusiasts who wish to bridge the gap between older communication technologies and modern devices.

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Yaesu CT-44 - Microphone AdapterThis versatile adapter is specifically designed to facilitate the connection of legacy Yaesu speaker microphones, as well as external Terminal Node Controllers (TNCs), to newer Yaesu transceivers. Compatible with popular models such as the Yaesu VX-2, FT-60, FT1DE, FT2DE, FT3DE, and FT5DE, the CT-44 expands the utility and enhances the functionality of your equipment.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Designed to integrate seamlessly with a range of Yaesu transceivers including VX-2, FT-60, FT1DE, FT2DE, FT3DE, and FT5DE.
  • Versatility: Allows the use of older Yaesu speaker microphones with modern transceivers, ensuring that your existing equipment remains functional.
  • Dual Connector Conversion: Converts a dual plug connection for microphones into a single 4-contact jack, simplifying setup and improving ease of use.
  • Packet Radio Support: Enables connection to an external TNC for engaging in packet radio operations, thereby expanding the scope of communication possibilities.

Whether you’re setting up a station for everyday communication or for amateur radio activities, the Yaesu CT-44 Microphone Adapter is your go-to solution for connecting older audio accessories to your current Yaesu devices. Enhance your communication setup with this reliable and durable adapter, designed with the quality and precision Yaesu is known for.

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