Xiegu X6100 Portable HF Amateur Radio Transceiver


X6100 is an ultra-portable shortwave transceiver, and adopts the SDR software radio platform architecture of excellent performance, which carries powerful baseband and RF unit, and integrates rich and diversified operating functions, bringing you a brand-new recognition and experience on amateur radio. With its compact structure and tiny appearance, you can immediately set forth on a journey with it, get close to nature, and enjoy the fun of outdoor communication.


Analog – SDR Radio: Software-defined radio (SDR) system uses software for the modulation and demodulation of radio signals. Processing via a computer or other digital devices with software, the X6100 can provide you more info in real-time, complete complex operations and process data faster.

5W Upgrade to 10W High Power: From 5W to max 10W, the Xiegu X6100 is a more powerful RIG than the X5105. In general, a higher wattage allows for a greater range. Working with the XPA125B power amplifier, the X6100 can meet your long-rang talking requirement.

3.6 inches LCD Screen – 4 inches Colour Screen:  The Xiegu X6100 HF transceiver comes with a 4-inch large colour screen with 800 x 400 high resolution, helping you see all the important information at a glance.

Wireless Operation: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB Host, Mouse, Keyboard Operation. In addition to traditional connecting ports to connect with extended devices, the Xiegu X6100 also supports modern connection methods like mouse and keyboard control via Bluetooth. 

Voice Call, Preset Message, Digital Noise Reduction, Data Modem, SWR Scanner. Built-in high-stability TCXO Internal Clock Source.

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Weight 2 kg