Xiegu G90-H1 Holder Cooling Fan


Solid structure with compact size, the G90-H1 is perfectly designed for Xiegu G90. Suitable for both use in the car or on the desk.


Meet with the Radioddity G90-H1, a Xiegu G90 holder as well as a cooling fan with automatic temperature control. It’s the best accessory for your Xiegu G90 to cool down its working temperature so that you can seek the longest working range.

Radioddity G90-H1 cooling bracket is an external air-cooled bracket applicable to Xiegu G90. With the functions of the head-up bracket, this item is able to effectively reduce the shell temperature of G90 in use.

After the cooling bracket is connected to the power supply, the fan on it starts to rotate at a low speed and provides a relatively low air volume. When the sensor detects that the shell temperature is above 60℃, the fan will automatically raise the speed, increase the air supply volume, and speed up the cooling process.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg