WTH118-1A 470 kOhm Variable Resistor


Carbon film potentiometers are generally used in medical equipment, mixers, toys, bicycle audio, power amplifiers, radios, DVD/VCD, televisions, electronic message equipment, headphones, lamps and other electronic equipment.

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  • Metal shaft
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High adjustment accuracy
  • Stable electrical characteristics
  • Long service life


Rotary potentiometer
Carbon film
470 kOhm
Resistance Tolerance
Rated Power
2 W
Max. Operating Voltage
900 V
Operating Temperature
≤ 75°C
Total Mechanical Travel
260° ± 10°
Resistance Taper
A, B, C
End Resistance
R ≤ 10 kΩ: 10 Ω Max, R > 10 kΩ: 50 Ω
Rotational Noise
≤ 47 mV
Rotation Torque
2 – 20 mN.m
Shaft Diameter
5.95 mm
Fixed Screw Mounting Aperture
9.9 mm



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