Wilson Spare Magnet Base Mount for Wilson 5000 Antenna


Discover the Wilson Spare Magnet Base Mount: a reliable replacement with coax cable and UHF-Male (PL-259) connector for Wilson 5000 Antennas. Ensure stability and seamless connectivity for your vehicle’s antenna system.


The Wilson Spare Magnet Base Mount is the ideal solution for ensuring the stability and performance of your Wilson 5000 Antenna. Crafted as a reliable replacement, this magnetic mount comes equipped with a sturdy coaxial cable and a UHF-Male (PL-259) connector, ensuring seamless connectivity and signal transmission.

Designed to securely attach your Wilson 5000 Antenna to your vehicle, the magnet base offers strong adherence and stability, even during high-speed travel or adverse weather conditions. Engineered with durability and precision in mind, this mount guarantees consistent performance and longevity, allowing you to stay connected wherever the road takes you.

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