Wilson Little Wil Mobile CB Antenna


Discover the ultimate solution for those seeking a top-notch mobile CB antenna without compromising on size – the Wilson Little Wil Mobile CB Antenna. Meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance, this compact wonder is tailored exclusively for professionals who demand excellence.


Equipped with a cutting-edge low loss coil design, Wilson Little Wil guarantees unparalleled efficiency and crystal-clear reception. Its high impact Thermoplastic construction ensures maximum durability even in the most demanding conditions, making it an ideal companion for your every adventure.

Say goodbye to cumbersome installations! Thanks to its magnetic base, fitting and removing The Little Wil becomes effortless. Simply position it securely on any metal surface and experience swift connectivity like never before!

With an impressive power handling capacity of 300 W, rest assured that Wilson Little Wil can effortlessly tackle your communication needs without compromise or signal degradation. Boasting a length of 0.95 m and coil length of 80mm, this remarkable antenna proves that great things truly come in small packages!

Operate within the optimum frequency range of 26-28 MHz and explore limitless connections across vast distances. Whether you’re embarking on remote expeditions or require seamless communication during important projects, trust The Little Wil to keep you connected when it matters most.

Upgrade your setup today with Wilson’s extraordinary innovation – Little Wil Mobile CB Antenna! Experience enhanced clarity, reliable performance, and unrivaled versatility all packed into one exceptional device designed specifically for professionals like you!


Power Handling 300 Watts
Length 0.95 m
Coil Length 80 mm
Frequency 26 – 28 MHz
SWR 1:1.5
Whip 17.7ph Stainless Steel
Mounting Magnetic Base

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg