Wilson FGT-4 Silver Load Mobile CB Antenna


The Wilson FGT-4 Silver Load Mobile CB Antenna – a true powerhouse in the world of fibreglass CB antennae. With exceptional power handling capabilities, this antenna takes your communication game to new heights.


Fine-tuning SWR and resonant frequency becomes effortless with its adjustable tip feature, ensuring optimal performance at all times. You can trust that every transmission will be crystal clear and reception impeccable.

Utilizing an exclusive impedance matching transformer lead, this antenna guarantees seamless connectivity like no other. Say goodbye to signal disruptions and embrace a smooth communication experience on the road.

Crafted from a sturdy 3/8″ fiberglass rod, this beast is built for heavy-duty performance day in and day out. Its durable construction ensures longevity even amidst challenging weather conditions or rugged terrains.

To safeguard against damages, the FGT variant comes equipped with a PVC protective covering around the antenna – giving you peace of mind as you conquer any route ahead.

Operating within the frequency range of 26.9-28.5 MHz and boasting an impressive power output of 1000 W, this antenna holds nothing back when it comes to delivering outstanding signal strength across long distances.

With a length measuring at 1.2 meters, it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and practicality – enabling easy installation without compromising on efficiency or portability requirements.


Type Antenna 5/8 wave reduced
Power Rating 1000 Watt
Frequency 26.9 – 28.5 MHz
S.W.R. less then 1.2:1
Length 1.2 m
18 gauge silver plated wire to reduce resistive losses
PVC protective covering around antenna on FGT
Static reducing weather cap
3/8″ x 24″ standard threaded mounting
Weather Channel Ready

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Weight 1 kg