Wilson 1000 Mobile CB Antenna


Upgrade your CB radio experience with the Wilson 1000 Mobile CB Antenna, a true game-changer in the world of communication. This antenna is specially designed to cater to professionals like you who demand nothing but excellence.

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With its exceptional power handling capacity of 3000 Watts, the Wilson 1000 provides unparalleled performance even in challenging conditions. Its impressive construction includes a sturdy 10 gauge silver-plated coil winding that ensures optimal conductivity and durability.

We take pride in our exclusive low loss coil design, which guarantees minimal signal degradation for crystal-clear reception. Crafted from high impact Thermoplastic, this antenna can withstand rough usage without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Measuring at a length of 1.55 meters, The Wilson 1000 operates within a frequency range of 26 -28 MHz – offering you versatility and compatibility across various platforms. Additionally, its coil length measures an advantageous 80 mm while boasting whip made from top-notch grade 17.7ph Stainless Steel.

The Wilson brand has always been synonymous with innovation and reliability when it comes to CB antennas, and the Wilson 1000 continues this proud tradition. Built to deliver exceptional performance wherever you go – be it highways or remote locations – this antenna will ensure seamless communication every step of the way.


Power Handling 3000 Watts
Length 1.55 m
Coil Length 80 mm
Frequency 26 – 28 MHz
SWR 1.1.5
Whip 17.7ph Stainless Steel

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