Whistler WS1065 Desktop Digital Scanner


Experience cutting-edge technology with the Whistler WS1065 Desktop Digital Scanner, a pinnacle of innovation in advanced trunking scanners.


This model stands out with its extensive frequency coverage, supporting an array of bands including 25 – 54 MHz, 108 – 137 MHz, 137 – 174 MHz, 216 – 512 MHz, 764 – 776 MHz, 795 – 805 MHz, 849 – 869 MHz, 896 – 960 MHz, and 1240 – 1300 MHz. It’s pre-loaded with critical frequencies for Airband (both civil and military), Marine, PMR446, and a variety of HAM bands including 10/6/2 and 70cm repeaters as well as 2/70cm Simplex.

Tailor your listening experience with 1800 memories, dynamically customizable to your preferred bank sizes, enhanced by the ability to store up to 21 virtual scanners—totalling an impressive 37,800 objects. The Whistler WS1065 is user-friendly with its large, backlit four-line by 16-character LCD, ensuring ease of use in any lighting condition. Key functions are also backlit for enhanced visibility.

Supporting various trunking systems such as Motorola Analog, EDACS, LTR, and Digital APCO (9600 bps), this scanner is versatile and equipped to handle complex scanning tasks, making it an ideal choice for both amateur and professional users looking for reliable performance and extensive functionality. Elevate your scanning capabilities with the Whistler WS1065, the smart choice for advanced radio monitoring.


  • Alert LED
  • Audible Alarms
  • Automatic Adaptive Digital Tracking
  • Backlit Liquid Crystal Display
  • Data Cloning
  • Digital AGC
  • Flexible Antenna with BNC Connector
  • Free-Form Memory Organization
  • High-Speed PC Interface
  • Key Lock
  • Lock-out Function
  • LTR Home Repeater AutoMove
  • Memory Backup
  • Menu Driven Programming with Context Sensitive Help
  • Multi-System Trunking
  • Object Oriented User Interface
  • P25 NAC Functionality
  • PC programmable
  • Priority Channel
  • Real-time Signal Strength Indicator
  • SAME and All Hazards Weather Alerting
  • Scan Delay
  • Scan List
  • Skywarn Storm Spotter Functionality
  • Spectrum Sweeper
  • Subaudible Squelch Decoder
  • Three Power Options
  • Tune
  • V-Scanner Technology


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