Whistler WS1025 Analog Desktop Scanner


This 300-channel scanner lets you listen to FM radio bands and can be categorized into 10 separate memory banks. Also, it offers the convenience of one-touch searches of marine, air and ham.


                                                                                                                   Key Features:

Whistler WS1025 Analog Desktop Scanner

300 Channel memory, plenty of memory to store all your favourite frequencies in 10 separate storage banks.

Backlit Liquid Crystal Display, easy to read and program data even in low light situations.

Data Cloning allows the transfer of the programmed data to another WS1025 scanner.

Key Lock, lock the scanner’s keys to help prevent accidentally changing the scanner’s programming.

Lock-out Function, skip over specified channels or frequencies when scanning or searching.

PC programmable allows users to backup data, and update the database and program scanner directly from a PC. (3rd party software required).

Priority Channel, set the scanner to check one channel every two seconds while scanning.

Scan Delay, delays scanning for two seconds before moving to another channel in order to hear replies.

Tune, and find new and unlisted frequencies starting from a specified frequency.

Service Banks, easily locate types of calls by searching preprogrammed frequencies in separate marine, aircraft and hamSpectrum Sweeper, Quickly sweeps the scanner’s frequency ranges for transmissions from nearby sources. Lock out found frequencies and continue searching in the same band.

Whistler WS1025 Analog Desktop Scanner



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