Whistler TRX-1 Grey Replacement Back Cover


Upgrade your Whistler TRX-1 scanner with the sleek and resilient Grey Replacement Back Cover. Crafted specifically for the TRX-1 / TRX-1E and WS1080/1088 models, this cover also offers a snug fit for the Pro-18, pro-668, and PSR-800 scanners.


Whistler TRX-1 Grey Replacement Back Cover

Introducing the Whistler TRX-1 Grey Replacement Back Cover, a sleek and durable accessory tailored for your TRX-1 / TRX-1E and WS1080/1088 scanners, as well as compatible with the Pro-18, Pro-668, and PSR-800 models. Crafted with robust rubber construction, this replacement cover ensures reliable protection against accidental drops, safeguarding your scanner from unexpected mishaps.

Featuring a minimalist grey design, this back cover seamlessly integrates with your device, enhancing its aesthetic appeal while providing essential defense. Additionally, its user-friendly design includes a helpful tip for effortless battery replacement: simply remove the colored insert to access the battery compartment with ease.

Upgrade your scanner’s protection and style with the Whistler TRX-1 Grey Replacement Back Cover—an essential accessory for every scanner enthusiast.



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