WH5-1A Carbon Film Potentiometer

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The potentiometer (variable resistor) WH5-1A can be used to control the volume of sound, the speed of rotation of motors, brightness and other parameters that are changed by voltage or current.

1 kOhm1 MOhm1.5 kOhm10 kOhm100 kOhm22 kOhm220 kOhm4.7 kOhm47 kOhm470 kOhm470 Ohm


Long life, soft touch, with soft center positioning.

Knurled shaft with split design for push-on knob.

Main used to control electrical devices such as volume controls on audio equipment, amplifier and so on.



470 Ω – 1 MΩ
Resistance Tolerance
± 20%
Rotation Angle
≥ 270°
Rated Voltage
315 V (A), 200 V (B, C)
Rated Power (70 °)
0.25 W (A), 0.1 W (B, C)
Starting Moment
3.5 – 50 mN.m
Shaft Length
16 mm
Shaft Diameter
4 mm
Outer Diameter
20 mm


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