WH148 Rotary Potentiometer With Aluminum Alloy Cap

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This is an adjustable resistor or variable resistor (variable resistance). It can be used as a rheostat, but structurally it has 3 contacts in its composition, which allows it to be used as a voltage divider. The change in resistance occurs when the handle is turned.

1 kOhm10 kOhm100 kOhm20 kOhm5 kOhm50 kOhm500 kOhm
5 Pcs


Main used to control electrical devices such as volume controls on audio equipment, amplifier and so on.

Long life, soft touch, with soft center positioning.

Knurled shaft with split design for push-on knob.

This item include knob easy for you to use.



Resistance Range
1 kOhm – 500 kOhm
Resistance Deviation
Resistance Change Feature
Maximum Service Voltage
AC 50 V
Rated Power
0.125 W
Rotation Noise
< 47 mV
Residual Value
< 20 Ohm
Insulation Resistance
100 MOhm at DC 500 V
Rotation Angle
300° + 5°
Rotation Moment
20 gf.Cm – 200 gf.Cm
Stop Torque
5 kgf.Cm Min
Shaft Handle Pull-out Strength
6.0 kgf.Cm Min
Rotation Life
10,000 cycles


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