WH148 Dual Linear 20 mm Shaft Potentiometer

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The WH148 potentiometer can be used to adjust the sound volume, motor speed, brightness and other parameters that are changed by voltage or current.

1 kOhm1 MOhm10 kOhm100 kOhm2 kOhm20 kOhm250 kOhm5 kOhm50 kOhm500 kOhm
5 Pcs



Dual Linear
6 Pin
Metal + Carbon Film
Rotation Angle
300° ± 10°
Rotational Torque
10 – 200
Point Electric Torque
50 – 150
Resistance Tolerance
Withstand Voltage
1 minute AC 250 V
Rotating Noise
Less than 100 mV
Rotation Life
10000 cycles
Load Power
Curve B: 0.05 W
Other than B: 0.025 W
Operating Voltage
Curve B: 50 V DC
Other than B: 25 V AC


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Weight 0.1 kg

3 reviews for WH148 Dual Linear 20 mm Shaft Potentiometer

  1. B***b

    This item arrived but only arrived 9 pieces instead of 10 arrived closed so it was not opened in customs is store error

  2. B***r

    The linear 10K-ohm potentiometers just received. Extremely fast shipping to me here in New Zealand, only 10 days from order via AliExpress standard shipping. Well wrapped in foam and then inside a bubble-wrap envelope, they arrived in very good condition The pots are useful to control the audio gain in my projects. Excellent service and I am looking forward to using. I am very happy. Thank you. Kind regards, Brian

  3. J***n

    All right!

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