WH148 3-Pin with Switch 15 mm Shaft Potentiometer


The WH148 potentiometer can be used to adjust the sound volume, motor speed, brightness and other parameters that are changed by voltage or current.

10 kOhm100 kOhm5 kOhm50 kOhm500 kOhm
5 Pcs
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Excellent craftsmanship, smooth movement, reliable and stable performance, insulated and dustproof interface, high protection level.

The potentiometer has three outputs. With connection to only two of them, it can be used as a rheostat and adjust the current strength, however, all three outputs are usually used and the variable resistor serves as a potentiometer, i.e. controls the voltage value.


When connecting the output of the potentiometer to the analog input of the Arduino, it will be possible to read this value and set it to some other value (for example, change the brightness of the LEDs or the volume of the sound).



Operating Temperature Range
-10℃ – +70℃
300℃ Max. 3 sec
Total Resistance
1 kOhm – 500 kOhm
Resistance Deviation
Slide Noise
Less than 68 mV
Residual Resistance
≤ 20 Ohm
Insulation Resistance
More than 100 MOhm at DC 250 V
Rated Power
0.05 W
Use Voltage Limit
50 V AC
Withstand Voltage
1 Minute at 300 V AC
Mutual Deviation
Linear (B) taper: 0″ – 20 dB < 2 dB
Full Rotation Torque
300° ± 5°
Full Rotation Stop Strength
20 – 250 gf.cm
Shaft Push-Pull Strength
4 kgf.cm Min. / 8 kgf Max.
Rotation Life
10,000 Cycles

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