WH06-2C Trimmer Potentiometer


Trimming resistors (potentiometers) WH06-2C are designed for mounting on a printed circuit board in holes. They are widely used in household appliances and amateur radio structures.

1 kOhm1 MOhm10 kOhm100 kOhm100 Ohm2 kOhm20 kOhm200 kOhm200 Ohm5 kOhm50 kOhm500 kOhm500 Ohm
20 Pcs



Main Advantages:

  • Miniaturised design
  • Robust design – withstands high slider speeds
  • Applicable for a wide range of applications

Examples of use:

  • Development of electronic designs
  • Use in Arduino projects that require customisation of the analog component
  • Configurable component in fire and security alarm sensors


Electrical Specifications
Nominal Resistance
100 Ω to 1 MΩ
Total Nominal Value Deviation
± 30%
Law of Resistance
Type B
Rated Power
0.1 W
Max. Operating Voltage
AC 50 V
Residual Resistance
R > 1 kΩ: 3%
260℃, 3 s
Humidity Resistance
40 ± 2℃, 90%, 8H


Mechanical Specifications
Full Rotation Angle
210° ± 20°
Rotating Torque
2 mN.m to 25 mN.m
Rotary Stop Strength
0.5 Max.


Additional information

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