Watson W-8682 MK2 – Wireless Weather Station


A Complete Wireless Weather Station. The W-8682-MKII is ideal for radio enthusiasts and normal domestic use.


The W-8682-MKII is a wireless weather station that requires no connecting cable between the LCD monitor and the remote weather sensors. The range depends upon local obstructions but the normal 100 m range will satisfy most requirements. The time and date are locked to the German DCF longwave atomic standard signal (which can be received from the UK) so the time is always correct. This weather station offers amazing value and comes with everything you need to set it up in the garden. All hardware is included and the only items you need to supply are a short mast to attach the supplied stub mast and sensor assembly, 3 x AA cells for the LCD panel and 2 x AA cells for the outside transmitter. Watson W-8682 MK2 - Wireless Weather Station

The LCD display has five keys for easy operation and allows comprehensive adjustment and correction for your location. It can also display historic data and within the menu, you can select imperial or metric values. It also features an alarm that can be triggered by data sensors in extreme weather conditions.



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Weight 3 kg