Watson CX-SW3PL 3 Way SO239 Coax Switch


Introducing the Watson CX-SW3PL 3 Way SO239 Coax Switch – the perfect solution for antenna systems and service departments. Engineered with precision, this coax switch offers a seamless and efficient method of switching between 3 antenna systems or 3 radios, ensuring optimal performance and negligible signal loss.


With its impressive specifications, this coax switch is designed to meet the highest standards in the industry. Featuring a 50Ω impedance, it guarantees compatibility with a wide range of devices and provides reliable signal transmission. The insertion loss of this switch is minimal, measuring greater than 0.05 dB, ensuring that your signals remain clear and uninterrupted.

The frequency capability of the Watson CX-SW3PL is exceptional, ranging from DC to 800 MHz. This allows for seamless integration into a variety of setups, accommodating different frequency requirements. With 4 SO239 sockets in total, you have plenty of options for connecting your devices, offering versatility and flexibility in your setup.

Equipped with excellent isolation capabilities, the Watson CX-SW3PL provides superior protection against interference. With isolation levels measuring less than 70 dB in the DC to 500 MHz range and less than 60 dB in the 500 to 800 MHz range, you can trust that your signals will remain separate and clear, even in environments with high signal activity.

Power handling is another standout feature of this coax switch. It can handle an impressive 1.5 KW power output in the DC to 30 MHz range, 1 KW in the 30 to 200 MHz range, 500W in the 200 to 500 MHz range, and 250W in the 500 to 1000 MHz range. This ensures that your system can handle demanding power requirements without compromising performance.

The Watson CX-SW3PL 3 Way SO239 Coax Switch is the ultimate choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike who require a reliable and high-performing switch for their antenna systems or radios. With its top-notch specifications and impeccable design, this coax switch guarantees exceptional performance, minimal signal loss, and seamless switching capabilities.

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