Video Camera Model AVC-027


Looking for a top-of-the-line video camera that can capture fast-moving action in stunning detail? Look no further than the AVC-027 video camera.

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With its ultra-high frame rate of 1080p, you can slow things down by up to 8x to relive funny, interesting, or epic moments in all their glory. Plus, you can share your story live over Facebook Live while saving your streamed videos to your SD card. Perfect for athletes and video operators who want to capture every detail of their performances.

The video camera Model AVC-027 is the perfect tool for capturing smooth, stable footage without the need for a heavy and bulky gimbal. Predictive algorithms are correct for camera shake, delivering flawless results no matter how much you move around. Time-lapse videos are super sharp and stabilized, thanks to the increased speed of up to 30x.

Whether you’re shooting a live event or recording a vlog, the AVC-027 video camera is perfect for capturing high-quality audio and video. With its built-in microphone, this camera can reduce friction and wind noise, making it ideal for recording live commentary or broadcasts. Plus, the camera’s intelligent HDR and local tone mapping technology ensures that you’ll get the best possible photos automatically.

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