Video Camera Model AVC-024


The AVC-024 video camera is a rugged, and versatile action camera that is perfect for athletes and everyone who needs a dependable and durable camera that can withstand any condition.

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This camera is waterproof to a depth of 1 meter and features a TRS waterproof connection and water-resistant cable adapter, making it ideal for recording in any environment. With its high-speed recording capabilities, this camera is perfect for capturing fast-paced action in stunning detail.

The video camera Model AVC-024 comes with a long-lasting battery that provides up to 9 hours of continuous streaming and recording, as well as 330-degree rotating lenses to ensure you never miss a moment. So get out there and start your adventure knowing that you can record it all with the AVC-024.

Low Light Quality

Great image quality even in low light condition

The sports camera is equipped with professional lenses that ensure a full HD 1080p resolution, so you can record all the most exciting moments in high quality. Plus, the clone mode lets you sync up to 10 action cams simultaneously via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so you can share more adventures with passionate people like you!

The camera is waterproof and comes with easy-to-use mounting accessories, making it ideal for use as a dash camera. The event detection function ensures that you never miss a moment, making it perfect for recording your sports activities or driving monitoring. With its professional quality and easy-to-use design, the video camera AVC-024 is a perfect choice.

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