Video Camera Model AVC-023


The video camera Model AVC-023 is perfect for everyone who needs a wide viewing area and long standby time.

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With its 120-degree wide viewing and large capacity battery design, the camera can record a wide range of images while still lasting a long time. Plus, the camera can connect Wi-Fi point-to-point directly with the mobile phone, making it even more convenient to use. Made of high-quality ABS material, the camera is both lightweight and durable.

The video camera Model AVC-023 is a high-quality, stable camera that is perfect for installation on a bicycle handlebar, motorcycle handlebar, helmet top, or helmet side. With powerful core processing chips and car-level hardware configurations, this camera is resistant to high temperatures, making it perfect for athletes or video operators who want to capture action shots in any environment.

Powerful core processing chip, vehicle specification level hardware configuration, high-temperature resistance, more stability, less crash, and more optimized resources.


Material ABS
Power 2 W
Voltage 5 A
Battery 1600 mAh
Using Time 12H
Charging Time 4H
Waterproof Rating IP65
Size 10.5 x 3.1 x 3.1 cm


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Weight 0.4 kg


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