Video Camera Model AVC-017


With smooth recording and a greater rotation jitter correction range, this camera is up for anything. So go ahead and push yourself to the limit – your camera will be there to capture it all.

Camera AVC-017
128G Card32G Card64G CardNo Card


6 Glass HD Lens, 170° Ultra-wide Angle

  • The picture is more transparent.
  • The exquisite glue bonding process.
  • Precise positioning, high definition focusing, no blur.


Dual Colour Screen Make Selfies Easier

1.4-inch selfie screen allows you to easily grasp the distance and timing, remember Record your amazing moment.

48 Million Pixels High Fidelity Photos

Keep every pixel of your brilliance intact. Take clearer pictures and capture more detail. Your precious moments are worth it for better colour and light performance.

Connect the Wi-Fi

Mobile phones can directly download pictures to share with a circle of friends, mobile phones direct the control phase. Machine photography and video recording.


4k Wide-Angle Strengthen the Lens

Better performance, sharper shots, and more detail. Precious moments, worthy of better colour and light expression.

1200 mAh Battery

Large capacity battery to solve your frequent battery replacement trouble and word leakage record your outdoor adventure time, and shoot your outdoor movies.

Time-lapse Photography

Capture the track of the time flow, presenting the stunning visual impact and art effects.


Grade IP68 Waterproof 5 Meters

The AVC-017 is fully waterproof, more robust, and fully functional for all types of applications and adventure activities. The structure is strong and can withstand mud, snow, or seawater shock. (Close the charging port holster).

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