Venom GPA 5/8 Wave CB Base Antenna


Enhance your CB radio experience with the Venom GPA 5/8 Wave CB Base Antenna, a must-have for all professional enthusiasts. This exceptional antenna, also known as the ‘silver rod’, stands tall at an impressive, offering unparalleled performance and reliability.

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Crafted from high-quality corrosion-resistant Aluminum, this 5-section marvel boasts a simple yet robust design that guarantees durability in any weather conditions. With no radials required, installation is swift and hassle-free, ensuring convenience without compromising on effectiveness.

Operating within the frequency range of 26 – 28 MHz, our Venom antenna caters to various communication needs seamlessly. Transmitting power up to 1000 W effortlessly amplifies your signals with remarkable clarity and reach.

At a length of 5.8 m, this base antenna provides superb reception capabilities across wide areas while maintaining stellar signal quality throughout. The outstanding gain of 4.2 dB ensures powerful transmission and enhances overall performance significantly.

Experience wider coverage like never before with an impressive bandwidth spanning over 2000 kHz! Enjoy seamless conversations with friends or colleagues without worrying about signal drop-offs or interference.


Frequency 26 – 28 MHz
Max Power 1000 W
Length 5.8 m
Gain 4.2 dB
Bandwidth 2000 KHz

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