Vectronics VEC-830K – SSB Audio Filter


Enhance your radio’s audio clarity with the Vectronics VEC-830K Super SSB Audio Filter Kit. Reduce interference and background noise for crisp, fatigue-free listening during contests or DXing. Features include 8-pole active IC filtering, selectable cutoff frequencies, and easy integration with any receiver or transceiver. Compact and powered by a 9V battery, it’s the ideal companion for improved radio communication.


Discover enhanced clarity and precise audio with the Vectronics VEC-830K Super SSB Audio Filter Kit. Designed to elevate your listening experience, this filter optimizes audio bandwidth to effectively diminish sideband splatter, low and high pitched interference, hiss, static crashes, background noise, and 60/120 Hz hum. Whether you’re contesting or DXing, this filter ensures every detail is crisp and clear, making extended listening sessions a pleasure without fatigue.

Easy to integrate, the VEC-830K plugs into the phone jack of any receiver or transceiver, delivering superior sound quality through headphones. For speaker operation, simply connect it between your receiver’s audio stage. The filter features an advanced 8-pole active IC design with a 375 Hz highpass cutoff and selectable lowpass cutoffs at 2.5, 2, and 1.5 KHz, offering a steep 36 dB per octave rolloff for precise control over audio frequencies.

Compact and portable, it runs on a 9V battery (battery not included) and measures a mere 1¾ x 3½ x 3½ inches, ensuring seamless integration into your setup without occupying excess space.

Enhance your radio communication experience with the Vectronics VEC-830K Super SSB Audio Filter Kit — where clarity meets precision for unmatched audio performance. Ideal for amateur radio enthusiasts seeking optimal signal clarity in every transmission.

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