Vectronics VEC-821KC – Metal Case for VEC-821K CW Filter Kit


Enhance your VEC-821K CW filter kit with the Vectronics VEC-821KC cabinet. This all-metal case includes knobs, assembly hardware, and a brushed aluminum front panel decal for a professional look. Easy to install with self-adhesive rubber feet included. Upgrade your setup today!


Enhance your VEC-821K CW filter kit with the durable Vectronics VEC-821KC all-metal cabinet. This high-quality case not only provides robust protection but also adds a sleek, professional look to your setup. Complete with knobs, assembly hardware, and self-adhesive rubber feet, the VEC-821KC ensures easy installation and a secure fit for your components.

Crafted with attention to detail, the cabinet features a brushed aluminum front panel decal, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your workspace or station. Ideal for amateur radio enthusiasts and electronics hobbyists alike, this kit includes everything you need for a seamless assembly experience. Upgrade your VEC-821K with the VEC-821KC cabinet today and enjoy enhanced functionality with added durability.

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