Vectronics VEC-202 Electronic Keyer with Memory


  • Supply Voltage: 9 V DC, 12 V AC
  • Message Memory TM: 37 Character
  • Dimensions: 4″ x 1.25″ x 3.25″
  • Front Panel Speed and Volume Controls
  • Weight and Tone Controls Are Adjusted Internally


This electronic keyer has many features of the VEC-204 but measures just 1,25 inches tall.

VEC-202 has volatile 37 character message memory. You can embed message loop and extra word space commands and a serial number for contesting that increments after sending. An LED blinks during programming and blinks faster for low memory.

Front panel speed and volume controls make operation quick and easy.

SmartDotDash feature mentioned above also applies to the MINI Electronic Keyer. Weight and tone controls are adjusted internally.

Plug in a Vectronics CW Iambic paddle or straight key and you’re ready to go on the air! Great for practice!

Use a 9 V battery (not included) or 240 V AC with an optional adaptor.

Additional information

Weight1 kg