Universal RX Data Mode Cable for Receivers Fitted with 3.5 mm Audio Output Jack



If you have a receiver with 3.5 mm mono jack audio output (speaker or headphones) then this cable-interface is a simple way of getting into data modes with the minimum of outlay by using your receiver and any soundcard equipped computer. In effect, it enables you to connect your receiver directly to your PC and safely monitor a selection of data modes without risk of damaging your radio or the computer. No external power supply or any drivers are required. Components are of the highest quality and the unit underwent the stringent quality control and inspection standards. It is not recommended to use long data mode cables, therefore this cable is 100 cm long only. Please note that this cable does not provide CAT control, it’s made for data mode monitoring using your receiver and the computer.

The cable is fitted with a 3.5 mm stereo jack at the computer’s end (connects to the sound card input), and 3.5 mm jack at the receiver’s end (connects to the speaker or headphones output). Input and output audio signals from the receiver to the computer are supplied through 1:1 bidirectional audio transformer for proper isolation of the circuit. If you use a straight audio cable without this audio transformer you can easily damage your radio and / or computer!


  • Compatible with every soundcard equipped computer.
  • Works with every present or future HAM radio soundcard program.
  • Properly matched audio to your radio.
  • Advanced circuit design and cable shielding for RFI product suppression.
  • Bidirectional transformer isolation of input and output audio signals.
  • High quality and professionally designed fiberglass printed circuit board.
  • High quality factory molded connectors.
  • High quality and stylish inline screwed flat box for PCB.
  • No external power supply needed, great for portable installations.
  • Robust and light cable, excellent for both – portable and shack use.

Presently available ham radio sound card software, this cable, a receiver and a computer is the easy and modern way to monitor: B(Q)PSK 31 / 63 / 125 / 250 / 500, PSK10, PSKFEC31, PSKAM 10 / 31 / 50, PSK63F, PSK220F, MFSK8, MFSK16, MT63, THROB, Feld Hellschriber, PSK Hellschriber, FM Hellschriber, Duplo Hellschriber, Concurrent MT Hellschriber, Sequential MT Hellschriber, SSTV, HDSSTV, FAX, WEFAX, SYNOP, RTTY, AMTOR / SITOR, ASCII, PACTOR, G-TOR, HF and VHF PACKET, APRS, CCW, SSB Contest Voice Keying, FSK, WSJT FSK441, WSJT JT44, WSJT JT65, WSJT JT6M, WSJT EME Echo, CW High Speed Meteor Scatter, NAVTEX, Q15X25, DTMF, Olivia, Domino F / DF / EX, Chip 64 / 128, Contestia, Echo-Link and many others.

We do not write data mode programs. We also cannot properly support software, only the author of that software can. There is a lot of data mode programs can be found on the Internet! Most of these are «freeware» or «shareware» and in many cases provide a level of performance beyond your wildest dreams!

As a reference guide we would suggest you a few links listed below:

If you don’t have a DMS (SWL) call-sign you can simply get one applying free at http://www.eupsk.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3&Itemid=10

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