Universal Data Mode Interface


This interface is a simple way of getting into data modes with a minimum of outlay. In effect, it enables you to connect your radio directly to your PC and operate a selection of data modes. The external power supply is not required. Components are of the highest quality and the unit underwent stringent quality control and inspection standards.


This data mode interface can be used with ANY transceiver. Input and output audio signals from the radio to the computer and vice versa are supplied through 1:1 bi-directional audio transformers for proper isolation of the circuit. Positive and fully automatic PTT control is supplied from the computer to the radio from the USB port through the circuit based on the USB to serial bridge controller and the optocoupler for proper optical isolation between your computer and the radio. The PTT control uses the RTS line, and CW control uses the DTR line in the virtual COM port created after driver installation.

The interface uses CH340G produced by WCH as the serial port chip. It’s strongly recommended to download the original driver from the WCH official website at https://www.wch.cn for correct operation. The interface can be used for CAT and programming using CI-V protocol. In such case your technical experience will be required, we can provide the connection details.


1) Type-B USB is used to connect to a computer or connect to other mobile terminals via an OTG adapter cable
2) XH2.54TTL write frequency (CI-V) interface, pin definition from left to right is GND / +5V / TX / RX
3) 3-ring stereo audio jack for connecting to the microphone of the computer
4) PS2 6-pin connector for connecting your transceiver with this interface
5) 3-ring stereo audio jack for connecting the computer’s speaker output
6) 3-ring 3.5 mm jack for connecting the radio’s straight key
7) 4-ring stereo audio jack for connecting computers and mobile phones with this interface, or other terminals
8) XH2.54 custom radio interface, the pin definition moves from left to right in order of GND/SPK/PTT/MIC

You have to provide your own set of cables to connect the interface between your transceiver and PC/Laptop/Tablet etc. Most of the cables are standard ready-made cables cheap to get. The only cable you have to wire yourself is the one connecting the 6-pin socket and your radio.

The signal that the radio sends to the computer/mobile terminal can be adjusted using the blue small block (3296 potentiometers).

Presently available ham radio sound card software, this interface, the radio, and a computer is the easy and modern way to operate PSK, FT8, FT4, MFSK, MT63, THROB, Hellschriber, SSTV, FAX, WEFAX, SYNOP, RTTY, AMTOR, ASCII, PACTOR, G-TOR, PACKET, APRS, CCW, SSB Contest Voice Keying, FSK, JT44, JT65, JT6M, EME Echo, CW High-Speed Meteor Scatter, NAVTEX, Olivia, Domino, Chip, Contest, Echo-Link, and many others.

Please note we do not write data mode programs. We also cannot properly support software, only the author of that software can. There are a lot of data mode programs that can be found on the Internet! Most of these are «freeware» or «shareware» and in many cases provide a level of performance beyond your wildest dreams!

  • Compatible with every sound card equipped computer
  • Works with every present or future HAM radio sound card program
  • Properly matched audio to your radio
  • Advanced circuit design and cable shielding for RFI product suppression
  • Bidirectional transformer isolation of input and output audio signals
  • Optical isolation of PTT and CW through the independent optocouplers
  • Positive and fully automatic PTT control supported by almost all ham programs
  • CI-V CAT and programming ability
  • High quality and professionally designed fiberglass printed circuit board
  • High-quality connectors and stylish inline screwed flat box for PCB
  • No external power supply needed, great for portable or QRP installations
  • Robust and light set, excellent for both – portable and shack use

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