Uniden PMR446SPL 2 Pcs Transceivers


The Uniden PMR446SPL 2 Pcs Transceivers are the perfect communication solution for your outdoor adventures, whether you’re walking, cycling, skiing or simply enjoying a day in the park. These two-way radios offer a reliable communication range of up to 10km, ensuring you stay connected with your group wherever you go.


Equipped with 8 PMR446 channels and 121 privacy codes, these transceivers provide you with a wide variety of channel options for clear and secure communication. The twin charging pod and rechargeable batteries ensure you can power up easily for extended use.

Designed for outdoor use, these transceivers are IPX4 splash-proof, making them suitable for various weather conditions. Features like voice-activated communication with VOX, keypad lock, roger beep, and call tones enhance usability and convenience during your adventures.

With additional features such as a large backlit LCD display, multiple ring tones, channel scan, channel monitor, battery saving mode, battery level indicator, and a headset connection, the Uniden PMR446SPL 2 Pcs Transceivers offer a comprehensive communication solution for your outdoor activities. Stay connected and enjoy seamless communication with these reliable and durable two-way radios.

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