TTI TCB-550N Compact Multi-Standard CB Mobile Transceiver


This compact and well-featured CB radio are ideal for all Cb’ers.  The TCB-550N is a slim and compact design with AM and FM operation and EU Multi-standard.

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The TCB-550N has been designed with slim and compact design features enabling it to be easily installed in modern vehicles where space is at a premium.

The TCB-550N includes a novel Auto Squelch function that works very well in the FM mode; the squelch control can be turned fully anti-clockwise till it is locked into Auto Squelch mode, by turning the squelch control clock-wise Auto Squelch is disabled and you can manually adjust squelch level to your desired level. It is also multi-standard so it is one of the lowest price radios that can be used across Europe, an ideal starting point for a first-time CB user.

Features: Multiple Bands, 4W output power, AM/FM operation, menu mode, an emergency channel, 4 memory controls, scan, keypad lock, PA capability, and blue illumination.

TTI TCB-550N Compact Multi-Standard CB Mobile Transceiver


Channel: 40Receiving System: Dual Conversion SuperheterodynePower Output: Duty Cycle 10% 4 watts 13.8V DC
Frequency: 26.965 to 27.405 MHzIF Frequencies: Double Conversion 1st 10.695MHz/2nd 455KHzModulation AM: From 85% to 95%
Operating Mode: F3E(FM), A3E(AM)Sensitivity in FM Mode: 0.5µV for 20dB SINADModulation FM: 1.8KHz±0.2KHz
Frequency Control: PLLSensitivity in AM Mode: 0.7µV for 10dB(S+N)/NHarmonic Suppression: Less than -36dBM
Synthesizer Frequency Tolerance: 0.002%Audio Output Power: 2.0W 8 OhmCurrent Drain: AM full Mod. 1.6A Max.
Operating Temperature: -10 to +55°CAudio Distortion: Less than 8% 1KHz
Microphone: Plug-in TypeImage Rejection: -53 dBm
Input Voltage: 13.8V DC ± 15%Adjacent Channel Rejection: -53 dBm
Size: 124 (W) x 136 (L) x 37.5 (H)Conducted Spurious: 300 to 2500Hz
Weight: 670 gBuilt-in Speaker: 8 Ohms
Antenna Connector: SO-239 typeRound Squelch: Adjustable, threshold less than 1 microvolt



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