TopTek PA-85V VHF 138-172 MHz 95W Power Amplifier


The TopTek PA-85V VHF Power Amplifier is a high-performance device designed to boost radio communications across a broad frequency range. With capabilities to amplify signals from 137 to 174 MHz, it is ideal for both commercial and amateur VHF applications.

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TopTek PA-85V VHF 138-172 MHz 95W Power AmplifierThe TopTek PA-85V VHF Power Amplifier stands out in the realm of radio communication, offering exceptional performance and reliability. Designed to operate over a wide frequency range from 137 to 174 MHz, it caters effectively to both commercial and amateur VHF communications.

This amplifier is capable of transforming a modest 3 to 5-watt input drive into a powerful 80 to 95-watt output, significantly enhancing the strength and clarity of transmitted signals.

Featuring an elegantly designed front panel coupled with a durable heatsink chassis, the PA-85V not only looks professional but is built to withstand continuous use, ensuring operational stability and longevity. The heatsink effectively dissipates heat, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance. This combination of aesthetic appeal and functional design makes the TopTek PA-85V a superb choice for anyone looking to boost their VHF radio operations with a reliable and efficient power amplifier.


Amplifier Band Coverage2 meters
Frequency Range137 – 174 MHz
RF Output Maximum Power85W
RF Input for Maximum Output5W
Built-In PreamplifierYes
Preamplifier Gain20 dB
Noise FigureUnder 2.5 dB
RF Sense KeyingYes
Keying Connector TypeStereo 1/8 in. female (3.5 mm jack)
Remote Control ConnectorNone
DC Supply Voltage13.8V DC
DC Supply Current13 A
RF Connector TypeUHF female, SO-239
Dimensions125 x 25.4 x 203 mm

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