TL082 ZK-CLOCK Signal Generator

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The printed circuit board of the device is made of getinax of sufficient thickness and allows you to avoid breaking the tracks when it is accidentally bent or mounted.

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Simple Functional Signal Generator DDS ZK-CLOCK Signal Generator 

The low-frequency generator of a sinusoidal signal with a regulation step of 1 – 10000 Hz is delivered assembled. A sine wave is not the only type of signal generated by the circuit. The amplifier has an output signal in the form of a square wave, triangle, saw, white noise and ECG. The op amp introduces minimal distortion.

The DDS generator has two outputs: low-frequency, operating for frequencies from 1 to 65.534 kHz, and high-frequency. The range is from 1 to 8 MHz.

At the DDS output, the amplitude can be adjusted from 0.5 mV to 14 V, and the DC bias voltage can be adjusted from 0.5 to 5 V. At the high-frequency output, the signal amplitude is always fixed-5 V and there is no possibility to set the offset.

The output resistance of ZK-CLOCK practically does not load the ULF input circuits, since it is equal to 20 – 200 ohms. When you stop working, all presets are saved. The power supply is included, along with a BNC-Alligator cable.

Frequency range 1 – 65534 Hz
Signal form sinusoidal, rectangular, triangular, sawtooth, square wave
Frequency range (square wave) 1-8 MHz (1 / 2 / 4 / 8 MHz)
Frequency adjustment step 1 / 10 / 100 / 1000 / 10000 Hz
Amplitude 0.5 mV – 14V
Constant offset 0.5 – 5 V
Output impedance 20 – 200 ohms
General Features
Display LCD 1602
Food DC 7 – 9 V
Auto-save settings function there is
Equipment ZK-CLOCK signal generator (TL082) – 1 pc

Power Supply-1 pcs
BNC Cable – 1 pcs
User Manual – 1 pcs


Easy to Operate TL082

  • The function generator on the Op-amp has no” direct ” frequency adjustment. We need to stop it, pick up the frequency, and start it again. To avoid unnecessary clicks, when selecting modes, amplitudes and frequencies, the device uses 5 buttons and two controls. The supply voltage is 7 – 9 V.
  • The printed circuit board of the device is made of getinax of sufficient thickness and allows you to avoid breaking tracks when it is accidentally bent or installed. The paths are covered with a strong, opaque varnish. The central placement of buttons on the front panel of the generator eliminates its tilt during operation.
  • The high-frequency and low-frequency outputs are located side by side, at the corner of the model. This point also contributes to ease of operation. The device kit includes a housing, an adapter, and a cord for connecting the outputs to the device under test.


The device is designed to work with low-frequency signals that do not exceed 20 kHz. At this frequency, small, sawtooth-like oscillations along the sinusoid line become noticeable. When setting up high-quality low-frequency amplifiers, it may happen that they will be perceived for distortion introduced by the amplifier. It should be taken into account that at frequencies higher than 14 kHz, rectangular pulses have significant “outliers”, both at the front and on the decline. Their value is 1.5 of the amplitude.

The high-frequency input has 4 fixed frequencies: 1, 2, 4 and 8 MHz. With increasing frequency, there is a greater distortion of the shape of rectangular pulses and the size of outliers.


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