Tecsun R-911 FM/MW/SW Portable Receiver

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Tecsun R-911 is the best choice as a pocket mini receiver for traveling, hiking and fishing.

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The device receives radio stations with AM modulation on medium and short waves (MW / HF) and with FM modulation on ultrashort waves (VHF). Volume and tuning knobs are hidden in the body of the device, partly protruding from the side panels for compactness. The receiver is equipped with a mechanical frequency scale. On the front panel, there is a scale, a speaker, a switch for receiving ranges and two LED indicators. The upper LED indicator (Tune) shows the moment of fine-tuning to the station, and the lower one (Power) – the power is turned on. The film speaker occupies almost half of the front panel, but it is very flat, which ensures a good loud sound and the minimum thickness of the device.

At the top of the right side panel of the Tecsun R-911 receiver is a tuning wheel and at the bottom is a power switch. The bass output jack is located on the left side panel below the volume control. For high-quality listening to receiver broadcasts, headphones are connected to this jack. On HF and VHF frequencies, a retractable telescopic antenna is used. The R911 receiver is very compact and has minimal dimensions and weight. It fits easily in a jacket pocket. The power supply of the device is very economical and can be supplied from two AA cells or from a power adapter.

Advantages of Tecsun R-911 – Pocket Receiver with Good HF Reception

Tecsun R-911 compared to other portable receivers has the following advantages:

  1. Eleven bands.
  2. Good shortwave reception.
  3. Extended FM range.
  4. Profitability.
  5. Light weight.
  6. Low price.
Tecsun R-911 FM/MW/SW Portable Receiver
  • The Tecsun R-911 pocket receiver operates on eleven bands: nine shortwave, as well as MW and VHF. You will always have a choice: to receive long-range stations on shortwave (HF) and medium wave (MW) frequencies or local radio stations with high sound quality on FM.
  • Despite its small size, the Tecsun R-911 receiver provides good shortwave reception with its built-in telescopic antenna.
  • The extended FM range in this receiver includes two sub-bands: domestic VHF and imported FM.
  • This model has a high efficiency of energy consumption due to various technical solutions, including the use of a mechanical tuning scale.
  • The light weight of the receiver is only 170 grams (without batteries). So, it can be taken even on a budget trip, when the weight of luggage is very limited.
  • The low price of Tecsun R-911 allows every traveller to buy this receiver.

Features of Tecsun R-911 Mini Receiver

The Tecsun R-911 mini FM radio receiver has the following features:

  1. Small sizes.
  2. Telescopic antenna.
  3. Range switch.
  4. Volume and settings knobs.
  5. mechanical scale.
  6. Autonomous food.
  7. Headphone jack.
  8. Flat speaker.
Tecsun R-911 FM/MW/SW Portable Receiver
  • The Tecsun R-911 mini receiver has a small size of 115 x 75 x 29 mm. The thickness of the device is very small, and the receiver fits easily into a pocket of clothing.
  • The device is equipped with a folding telescopic antenna, which must be extended for high-quality reception of short waves (SW) and ultra-short waves (FM).
  • The AM/FM/SHORTWAVE 1-9 slide switch is located under the mechanical scale. With it, the reception ranges are selected.
  • The volume and frequency knobs are made in the form of wheels, which are almost completely hidden in the body of the device to minimize the size.
  • The mechanical tuning scale is equipped with a vertical moving sight, on which the reception frequency is visually counted.
  • Power can be supplied by two AA batteries/accumulators or a power adapter. Batteries and an adapter are not included in the basic package.
  • On the left panel of the device, under the volume control, there is a 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones. Headphones allow you to comfortably listen to radio broadcasts individually without disturbing others.
  • The flat film speaker made it possible to significantly reduce the thickness of the product, while at the same time it reproducing speech and music in high quality.
Tecsun R-911 FM/MW/SW Portable ReceiverTecsun R-911 FM/MW/SW Portable ReceiverTecsun R-911 FM/MW/SW Portable Receiver


Recommendations for Using the Tecsun R-911 Miniature Radio Receiver

The miniature Tecsun R-911 radio receiver is recommended for receiving radio stations in the MW, HF and VHF bands. This is a pocket model of small size and weight, which is easy to carry with you at all times. This is one of the best travel receivers.

We recommend that you look at the full catalogue of receivers to select the optimal model.

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