Tecsun PL-600 Digital All-wave Portable Receiver


An important advantage of the Tecsun PL 600 radio receiver is the ability to flexibly configure the device for your purposes using special codes. If, for example, you do not need the air band or long waves, these bands can be excluded. The FM range can be narrowed or, conversely, expanded. There are a lot of codes for managing initial settings and they allow you to make a convenient configuration for each user.



The Tecsun PL 600 digital all-wave radio receiver operates on all broadcast bands: long, medium, short and ultrashort waves. A distinctive feature of the model is the ability to receive amateur radio stations in single-band mode (SSB) or telegraph (CW). The Tecsun PL 600 radio receiver, according to the scheme, is a superheterodyne with a digital synthesizer, two frequency conversions and digital signal processing (DSP). Useful features of the model include airband reception (an undocumented option, activated by entering the code “03”). However, the sensitivity of the receiver allows you to listen to stations in the airband only near the airport.

Tecsun PL-600 Digital All-wave Portable Receiver Tecsun PL-600 Digital All-wave Portable Receiver


Advantages of Digital All-wave Radio Receiver with SSB – Tecsun PL 600

Tecsun PL 600 digital all-wave radio receiver has the following advantages:

  1. Digital frequency synthesizer.
  2. Receive bandwidth selection.
  3. Reception of any radio waves.
  4. Switchable tuning step on HF.
  5. Switching the sensitivity level.
  6. Single sideband SSB reception.
Tecsun PL-600 Digital All-wave Portable Receiver
  • The digital synthesizer provides frequency stability, its tuning accuracy and the choice of tuning step.
  • The choice of reception bandwidth has two gradations: Wide or Narrow. A narrow band is used to reduce interference from a powerful radio station that is closely spaced in frequency.
  • Tecsun PL 600 receives any broadcasting bands: long, medium, short and ultrashort waves (LW/MW/SW/FM).
  • Switchable tuning step (9 kHz or 10 kHz) on short waves in AM modulation mode allows you to search for radio stations broadcasting in the European or American frequency grid.
  • Switching the sensitivity level is used to receive far (DX), near (Normal) or local (Local) stations.
  • The reception of SSB (Single Side Band) modulation allows you to listen to amateur radio or service radio stations on short waves.


Features of Tecsun PL 600 Digital Receiver
Tecsun PL-600 Digital All-wave Portable Receiver

Features of the Tecsun PL 600 digital radio receiver are the following additional features:

  1. Timers and clocks.
  2. 600 memory cells.
  3. FM stereo reception.
  4. Direct frequency entry.
  5. Keyboard lock.
  6. Manual adjustment with a rotary encoder.
  7. Automatic search with memory entry.
  8. Possibility of receiving 15 CB-band channels.
  9. Built-in charging of Ni-MH accumulators.
  10. Jacks for external antenna and headphones.
  • In the Tecsun PL 600 receiver, the clock displays the exact time. And two independent timers allow you to turn on or turn off the Tecsun PL 600 radio at the appointed time.
  • In 600 memory cells, you can store the frequencies of all your favorite radio stations. The first page of memory contains 100 cells, and the rest can be distributed as you wish.
  • FM stereo reception is possible only when headphones are connected.
  • Direct keypad entry is used to dial the frequency of the desired radio station directly.
  • The keypad lock is used to protect it from accidental pressing.
  • Manual tuning is the most common way to find radio stations by turning the encoder wheel.
  • ATS (Auto Tuning Storage) – automatic search and recording of frequencies found radio stations in the receiver’s memory.
  • Reception of channel 15 of the 27 MHz CB band makes it possible to be aware of the situation on the highway during long trips: traffic jams, detours, accidents, etc.
  • Built-in charging allows you to charge Ni-MH batteries directly in the receiver’s body.
  • To connect an external antenna, the Tecsun PL 600 has a special antenna jack on the side panel, and a corresponding connector for headphones.


Recommendations for Using the Tecsun PL 600 High-end All-wave Radio Receiver

We recommend using the Tecsun PL 600 high-end all-wave radio receiver for receiving broadcast or amateur radio stations on the HF bands. This is one of the best shortwave DXing radios. This receiver is universal and also provides reception of long and medium waves, FM stereo and civil CB-band 27 MHz.

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