Tecsun PL-368 – Portable Receiver (Black)


The Tecsun PL-368 is a cutting-edge portable receiver that offers exceptional functionality and convenience for radio enthusiasts and travellers alike. This compact device is engineered with a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, ensuring high-fidelity reception across multiple bands, including Longwave, Medium Wave (AM), and Shortwave frequencies.


Multiband Reception with SSB and Synchronous Detection: Explore a vast array of stations with Single Side Band (SSB) reception and enjoy clearer signals even in challenging conditions thanks to the synchronous detection feature.

ETM+ (Enhanced Tuning Mode): The newly introduced ETM+ feature enhances your listening experience by allowing you to set up time-specific memories. This is perfect for scheduling and capturing broadcasts from different frequencies at specific times without manual tuning.

Compact and Travel-Friendly: Designed with portability in mind, the PL-368 is your perfect travel companion. Its small size fits easily into backpacks, suitcases, or even pockets, making it ideal for travel.

Tecsun PL-368 - Portable Receiver (Black)
Tecsun PL-368 - Portable Receiver (Black)

Alarm and Sleep Timer: Utilize the alarm function to start your day or set the sleep timer for the radio to automatically turn off after a set period — perfect for relaxing to your favourite stations before bed.

USB Charging Compatibility: Power up your radio conveniently using a standard 5V USB charger, the same type used for most smartphones and tablets, ensuring you can recharge easily wherever you go.

Whether you’re an avid radio listener or a frequent traveller, the Tecsun PL-368 offers the perfect blend of portability, advanced features, and user-friendly operation, making it a top choice for anyone looking for a reliable portable receiver.



Frequency Range FM: 64 – 108 MHz (4 ranges selectable)

AM: 520 – 1710 kHz (Tuning step 9/10 KHz selectable)

LW: 153 KHz – 513 KHz

SW: 1711 HHz – 29999 KHz

Tuning Methods Direct keypad entry; Auto scan; Manual dial tuning
Sensitivity FM (S / N = 30dB) <3uV

AM (S / N = 26dB) <1mV/m

LW (S / N = 26dB) <10mV/m

SW (S / N = 26dB) <20uV

Selectivity FM > 60dB

AM / LW > 60dB

-SW > 60dB

SYNC lock range: +/- 1kHz

IF Frequency (DSP) AM: 45 KHz

FM: 128 KHz

Output Power Approx. 350mW
Speaker 16Ω, 0.5W
Power BL-5C lithium (Li-Ion) battery
Charging DC 5V / 500mA
Dimensions 6.38” x 2.09” x 1.02”
Weight 130
Included in Box PL368 Radio

3.7V/1000mAh rechargeable battery

Carrying pouch

Stereo earphones

Micro USB charging cable

User manual in English

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg