TDP – 4000 Metal Din Mount Kit for TTI Mobile CB TCB – 1100 / R2000


The TDP – 4000 Metal Din Mount Kit is designed specifically for TTI Mobile CB TCB – 1100 and TCB – R2000 radios, offering a convenient way to mount them securely in your vehicle.


This sturdy metal Din bracket is ideal for integrating your CB radio seamlessly into a standard car radio Din slot, ensuring a polished and organized setup. Crafted from high-quality steel with a sleek black anodized finish, the TTI TDP – 4000 kit is durable and complements the look of your radio system. With an aperture size of 171 x 52 mm, this Din kit is versatile and can accommodate other transceivers with similar dimensions, providing flexibility for different radio installations.

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Weight 1 kg