SW Tristar Ground Plane Mount


Introducing the SW Tristar Ground Plane Mount – the ultimate solution for enhancing the performance of your CB mobile antenna. Designed with precision and ease of use in mind, this extra radial kit is all you need to overcome the common challenges of lack of ground plane and high SWR problems.

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Crafted specifically for mobile antennae with a 3/8″ x 24 thread fitting, this ground plane radial kit effortlessly complements any CB mobile antenna featuring the same mountings. You’ll find it incredibly simple to set up – just screw it into your chosen aerial mount, whether it’s magnetic, gutter, mirror, or body. Once securely fastened, connect your antenna to the top of the radial kit using the provided screw.

What sets this radial kit apart is its ability to significantly improve antenna performance by enhancing radiation patterns. With three radials strategically positioned, you can expect enhanced signal strength and coverage, ensuring crystal-clear communication on your CB radio.

But that’s not all – in addition to boosting performance, the SW Tristar Ground Plane Mount also effectively addresses two common issues. Firstly, it helps overcome the lack of ground plane, allowing your antenna to function optimally even in areas where an adequate ground plane is lacking. Secondly, it works wonders in mitigating high SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) problems, offering a reliable solution to ensure optimal signal transmission and reception.

Invest in the SW Tristar Ground Plane Mount today and experience the difference it makes in maximizing the performance of your CB mobile antenna. Unleash the full potential of your communication capabilities and enjoy the convenience and reliability that this exceptional product brings.

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