Super Servisol Switch Cleaner


  • Provides Residual Lubricating Film
  • Safe For Plastics And Rubber
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Net Contents: 200 ml / 132 g
  • Increases Contact Areas And Reduce Resistance


This switch cleaner and lubricant is perfect for removing wear, tarnish and other residues that can accumulate on various equipment controls. As well as a cleaning agent, the Servisol Super 10 also applies a protective layer of film to prevents arcing between dry contacts, which, by increasing the contact area, reduces resistance. Supplied with a plastic applicator for reaching inaccessible points in circuits, chassis, components, etc. Safe to use on plastics, rubber and other delicate materials.

  • Suitable for: Switches, dials, faders, buttons, potentiometers, connectors
  • Safe to use on: Metal, rubber, plastic, other delicate materials

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Weight 0.6 kg