Standard Horizon GX1850GPS/E – VHF Fixed Marine Transceiver, GPS, NMEA 2K


Upgrade your maritime communication with the Standard Horizon GX1850GPS/E VHF Fixed Marine Transceiver. Seamlessly control functions from the RAM4 Second Station microphone, while easy plug-and-play connectivity to NMEA bus simplifies GPS data exchange.


Introducing the Standard Horizon GX1850GPS/E VHF Fixed Marine Transceiver, equipped with cutting-edge features to elevate your maritime communication experience. Seamlessly compatible with Standard Horizon’s latest second station microphone RAM4, model SSM-70, this transceiver empowers you to control all functions from the main radio on the Second Station RAM4. Enjoy effortless management of radio functions, DSC functions, and intercom features between stations, enhancing operational convenience like never before.

Designed for plug-and-play simplicity, the GX1850GPS/E offers easy connectivity to the NMEA bus. With a single plug-in interface, you can effortlessly exchange GPS data and engage in DSC calling between compatible devices, ensuring streamlined communication on the water.

Redesigned with user convenience in mind, the transceiver boasts an intuitive Easy to Operate menu system, simplifying access to all menu functions and settings with just a few simple steps. Experience unparalleled ease in DSC calling and programming, making maritime communication a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Built-in 66 channel WAAS GPS receiver
  • Class D Fixed Mount VHF Radio compliant with ITU-R M493-13 Class D DSC standards
  • NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 Connectivity for seamless integration
  • Ultra-slim and compact Rear case design for space efficiency
  • Pre-set key stores up to 10 favorite channels for quick access
  • Intercom Feature facilitates communication between the Radio and an Optional Second Station
  • Programmable Scan, Priority Scan, and Multi-Watch functionalities enhance scanning capabilities
  • Automatic DSC polling of up to 6 ships’ GPS positions ensures safety and situational awareness
  • GPS Compass, Waypoint, and GPS status pages for comprehensive navigation assistance
  • Navigation information (LAT/LON, Time, SOG, and COG) displayed on the screen for easy reference
  • Commercial-grade receiver with superior Spurious & Image rejection (better than –80dB) for clear communication
  • 30 Watt PA/Loud Hailer with programmed fog signals and listen-back feature for enhanced communication
  • GM (Group Monitor) function using DSC Group position Calling
  • MOB (Man Overboard) Operation for emergency situations
  • Selectable Night Mode Display ensures visibility in low-light conditions
  • Optional Second Station Remote Microphone (RAM4 SSM-70H) for extended functionality
  • Wide coverage of USA/International and Canadian Marine Channels
  • ATIS Mode for European Inland Waterways compliance
Standard Horizon GX1850GPS/E – VHF Fixed Marine Transceiver, GPS, NMEA 2K Package Includes:

  • Mounting Bracket, two Mounting Knobs, and hardware for easy installation
  • Power cord with 6 Amp fuse and holder for reliable power supply
  • DSC Warning Sticker for compliance awareness
  • Warranty Card for peace of mind
  • Owner’s Manual for comprehensive guidance

Experience the pinnacle of maritime communication technology with the Standard Horizon GX1850GPS/E VHF Fixed Marine Transceiver. Elevate your boating experience with unparalleled features and seamless connectivity, ensuring safety, convenience, and peace of mind on the water.

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