SS-02 Solder Sucker


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SS-02 Solder Sucker (High-power type)

Innovative silicone nozzle-tipped, high-power, de-soldering pump

  • Soldering point can be covered with the elastic silicone nozzle, suck up melted solder efficiently with less residue.
  • Innovative silicone nozzle allows closer placement to soldering iron tip (therefore better suction & better solder removal).
  • Compact design allows easy one handed operation and withstands direct contact with soldering iron (350C Max).
  • Flexible heat resistant silicone tip allows the the nozzle to come into direct contact with the soldering iron without damage.
  • Comes with 50 mm spare tube.



Unique Design

Plunger on the top is within easy reach of thumb. It is ideal for one-hand operation in continuous work.


Flexible Heat Resistant Tip

Press down the nozzle elastically to cover the soldering point entirely. Absorb the melted solder very efficiently with less residue left on the board.

Easy Maintenance

Self-cleaning shaft works in every stroke of the plunger, which requires easy maintenance.



Wide Applications

Wide industrial applications as well as suitable for DIYers and Hobbyists


Desoldering Made Easier!

Solder Sucker for efficiency, ultra-powerful suction, and convenient one handed operation.


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